Dacia Logan, an alternative to second-hand cars

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  • Dacia Logan, an alternative to second-hand cars

    The recently launched Dacia Logan will compete against second-hand cars on Western European markets, therefore it will not benefit from too much advertising, Luc Alexandre Menard, Renault's head of international operations and Dacia president, told the Auto Show in Paris.

    "The car will be bought by young families with low incomes. We are practically attacking the second-hand cars market with Dacia Logan. In France, for instance, transactions with used cars are annually three times higher than those with new ones," stated Menard, who compared the Logan model with discount airlines that are currently thriving in Europe due to their very low prices

    Source http://www.zf.ro
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    logan is a good one with renault standards in comparation with chevrolet aveo and geely.
    geely car is a kamikaze car.no quality,no safety and the look of the car is


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      and the look of car is... is like chinese cheap toys...



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        Three years, two MINOR electric problems, that is the fact about my ZJJ.

        UGLY CARS: Look at TATA and compare it with the Logan Pick-up! The TATA looks like a toy!

        BTW: how much will the Pick-Up cost?


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          you think that german people are stupid?sell second-hand german junks to loosers and buy new dacia logan with 3-5 years guaranty.


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