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    @ RichardMCV

    I can belive you very well, that your car has realy no problem. Dacia Logan is one of the most simple car on the western european market - so, not too many gadgets, not too many problems. On the other hand, you have the export version, that is "double checked" than the cars for Romania market.

    So, be happy with your Romanian car, under Renault licence

    In my opinion, Lodgy looks nicer than the Logan MCV, but MCV is more "multi purpose" as a minivan with more space & place
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      Hi Richard and congrats for your personal touch to the car.

      On short, I like your 2DIN, I don't like the buttons' position (for example, it'll be rather tricky to me, as driver, to open the window on the right side).

      Now, did you ever thought to use this kind of daylight?
      Translation with Google is not the best thing, but it'll give you a good idea about how it works, if you don't already know about it.
      The video attached to the article are good to watch too, even if they are in Romanian
      fara semnatura, ca nu e voie cu linkuri!
      asta e, in Somalia unii o duc mult mai rau...


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        Nice work, interesting what you did to your car.
        The only thing is the position of the buttons.
        Maybe i can give you an interesting ideea.
        The window switches are from Clio3.
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          @ ion_R5: I can't hardly believe that the exportversion is "double checked"...

          @ eac: the windows-button for the right side is just around the corner. This is no problem for me. The daylights you linked to work the same way as mine do, only I have separate lights.

          @ danielliviu: Thanks for the idea. My wife is driving a Clio so I know the window switches of the Clio. This conversion is interesting but I didn't want to buy extra switches at that time and used the original versions.


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            You don't have to belive me, that the export version is "double checked". Few years ago, all export Logan equipment versions have ABS. At that time for Romanian market only the top version has ABS.

            Also under the same "version name" like "Laureate", etc... the export version for western european market has suplimentary equipment or some aditional finishing that for the romanian market were not available - and the aditional equipment or the additional finishing for western markets are offered for the same price as for romanian market.

            Somehow is understandable, even if is not normal. (for example in the other countries the service for the customer has to be at the level of the specific market --- customer complaint response, Good Will (Kulanz), etc)

            In a foreign market, if you have any "image problem, or quality problem" - you can say "bye-bye" to your business. For internal market the things have not the same sensibility.
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