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  • Greetings From Brazil

    Hello my fellow friends. I am a proud owner of a Renault Logan Authentique red with 1,0 16v engine and 77 hp. It works with gasoline or Ethanol. Here in Brazil, 99% of the cars are flexfuels.
    My Logan has no acessories,just cd player , locks and alarm.
    Soon, I'll send some photos of my dear car.

    In my country, Logan's and sandero's are also used as police cars, government cars and taxis, 'cause it's a low cost cars and very strong and confortable cars.

    I paid US$ 14,000 for my model. A complet acessories model costs US$ 20,000.

    Thank you all for read this.
    Viva cada instante como se fosse o último!

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    Welcome to the Club.
    How much costs the fuels in Brazil?
    This way we can compare the advantages of using ethanol instead of gasoline, diesel or LPG.
    1.0 L 16v engine is unusual for Europe. The smallest engine in Europe for Logan is 1.2 16v. How it behaves in traffic conditions and in speedway conditions? How is the consumption on your engine depending on the above conditions?
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      Hello JR.
      Well, gasoline costs US$ 1,45 per liter and ethanol costs US$ 1,20 per liter. I only use gasoline in my car.
      The autonomy of my car is 22 km per liter in highway with cruze speed at 100 km/h.
      In Brazil we only have two options of engine. The 1,6 8v (102hp) and 1,0 16v (77hp).
      The 1,0 is a good engine, very reliable and isthe same engine used in Renault Clio. The only diference is about the calibration of fuel injection. The car runs great, is just a little bit lazy in 0 to 100km/h, but its a familiy and cheap transportation car. I like it very much
      Viva cada instante como se fosse o último!


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        Logan in Brazil is a very expensive car compared to prices here in Romania, the basic version that you have costs 6400 EUR *4.5/3.8=7579 USD.
        But this is compensated with gasoline prices 6.2/3.8=1.63 USD per liter.

        Can you insert some pics with your car ?

        I wish you many km( miles), without car problems


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          Drogas, all cars in Brazil are expansive 'cause the governement taxes are very high. I think the Brazilian cars are the most expansive cars in world. The taxes in Brazil are somentyhing like 38% of the total prize. Unfortunately the brazilian people are very quiet and calm.
          This weekend i'll send some photos.
          Thanks friend.
          Viva cada instante como se fosse o último!


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            Originally posted by l.carneiro54 View Post
            Unfortunately the brazilian people are very quiet and calm.
            You made me laugh a little bit, the first thing that came into my mind was football matches, were brazilian people are not that quiet and calm...

            I realised that in the context you have written, you were saying that you, brazilian people take enough from your government.
            This shit is also here my friend.
            We romanians had a campaign against gas sellers, we used forums to gather and pick a gas station. Each car was pouring small quantities of gas into tanks and pay the cost using small coins.
            This happened last year, since then, gas prices have increased by 20-30 % and we realised that the solution is either LPG fuel or leave the car at home.

            Sooner or later we will drive small engines 1.0, 1.2 liter and we will remember very nostalgic the times when we used to drive GOLF 3 2800 cmc VR6 or other monsters.

            Here in Romania, old cars( more than 12 years of age) with big engines have disappeared, big engines more like 3000 cmc are only on luxury cars ( BMW x5, Audi Q7), taxes and insurances are high.
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              @l.carneiro54: You said that in Brazil the cars runs also on ethanol. Is it pure ethanol or mixed with gasoline (something like the E85 fuel that is used in Sweden and other northern countries)? I am curios because running on pure ethanol is - from my knowledge - impossible since the ethanol is less stable than the gasoline and burns at a much lower temperature (hence the need to mix it with gasoline to make it more stable).
              The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed. - W. Gibson


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                @l.carneiro54: show us a picture of engine compartment.
                ...and wellcome to LoganClub!
                a good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow


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                  Really my fellow Drogas, just in football matches the brazilians are fighters.
                  Last year, some guys in a few cities had the same campaign against the gas stations. Few litters paid with few coins... I was with that guys, but here if you are against anything you are called "revolutionary". It's something cultural. We live in a kind of "white dictatorship". Many corruption, many impunity and lots of taxes. That's it. Brazil the country of football, samba, pretty girls and corruption. And what about Romania? I know that your people are historically fighters, isn't it? I saw some pics of Bucareste and other places in Romania and it's a very beautifull country.
                  Well,about engines, we have 1,0 , 1,4, 1,6 and 2,0. The most popular is 1,0. About 65% of the cars in the streets are 1,0. The big engines here are just in imported cars.
                  Yeah, the good and old times with big engines are gone...

                  Thanks Moses, I'll take some pics in the weekend.

                  My fellow JR, our tecnology of ethanol cars remains 1979. Our first ethanol car was a Fiat 147 (something like the european fiat 127). We use pure ethanol and our gasoline has 25% of ethanol. There's no pure gasoline in Brazil. Our gasoline has 85 octanes. So, our cars has hight compression engines to avoid detonation, different kind of sparks and a small tank for gasoline. I explain: in the first start of the day, when the engine is cold and the external temperature is under 17 degrees a little eletric pump injects a few gouts of gasoline in the injection system...It's a very clean fuel (for environment) and repleaceable (ethanol are made of sugar cane). In the end of 80's , 98% of the brazilian cars was moved by ethanol. Only ethanol. The gasoline cars was only by order,but unfortunatelly our " beloved" government fucks our fuel solution too. The litre of ethanol prizes became too spensive, and the people back to gasoline. In 2003 the tecnology of flexfuel back ethanol to our cars.
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                  Viva cada instante como se fosse o último!


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                    Yes our ancestors were brave fighters( to defend the country against invadors- roman empire and more recently against Otoman empire), in the times were fighting was made with sword, spear, ax and horses.
                    History says that our army leaders were brave and very smart in establishg strategies to fight against more numerous armies.
                    For example when fighting against otomans( today's turkish people), we were outnumbered, but we retired our army in mountains, insert poison in fountains, set fire to agricultural crops etc. in order to weaken their strength.

                    But let's get back to nowadays...

                    We have a beautiful country, too bad that it's habitable ( by others) . There are persons among us that consider that freedom means that they can do whatever they want: leave garbage when going for a picnic, listening to loud rubbish music from their cars therefore disturbing others....

                    This means lack of civilazation.

                    We romanians buy things we do not need, with money we haven't earned, to impress people we do not like.

                    We are poor people, living in small block -apartments( comunist appartments built by Ceausescu dictator-"search google" ) but we care a lot about the car we drive, the car you have is your image, therefore why not buy cars just to impress others?
                    This shit happens and people buy in leasing cars they do not need...

                    Our country has wonderful landscapes and wonderful roads ( check google images " Transfagarasan" and "Transalpina " roads) and we have good cars Dacia Logan )

                    Taking into account your last post I believe that your country has reached a more mature phase in car picking since 60% of your cars are equipped with 1.0 engines- this is the future unfortunately.

                    In Romania a very common engine capacity is 1.4 and 1.6 petrol. From 1.6-2.0 it's still acceptable to own, but starting from 2.0 the taxes and insurances are a pain in the ass.
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                      Originally posted by l.carneiro54 View Post
                      ... but here if you are against anything you are called "revolutionary". It's something cultural. We live in a kind of "white dictatorship". Many corruption, many impunity and lots of taxes. That's it. Brazil the country of football, samba, pretty girls and corruption. And what about Romania? I know that your people are historically fighters, isn't it?
                      Hello Carneiro... It was very amusing your comment with "revolutionary". The revolution all over the world are sponsored and "articulated" by the same small group of people... If you look in the last 200 years in central or south America... a lot of "revolutions"... The people are not "revolutionary"... just too naive...

                      We have a "live" revolution in december 1989... After 1990, one big former boss of the Comunist Party from '50-s... which "converted" in the '80-s as big oponent of "dictatorship" and big supporter of "democracy" - said about the Romanian People: "stupid people"... People who play with the history of the different nations allover the world - they are people without God... They have even a structured social category: "visionary politicians"

                      Yes, many Romanian Leaders (like "Kings" of the Romanian historical Principality) fight for the land and for the people, when foregn invaders came over our land and our people.

                      Now in "modern" times, there is now army... in the traditional way... Now are money, product to sell/market and politicians... So... current times are not for naive/inoccent people... And this rules for all the word... The army is still used where the people or their leader are not naive... and also don't accept to be bought with money

                      About corruption - this is a good story for naive people... It is only a different approach from country to country and from culture to culture... and this "set-up" of the corruption is also related to the "level of life" - but it exist everywhere in different form...

                      In the 90's "black money" was a heat subject in Romania... and even today... In everything you want do to... it was the "hard way"... and also the "short way"- if you have some money to give (black money for the receiver)

                      This came as "public discussion" also from foreign company who claim that they have to pay black money to get business in Romania... Actually their problem wasn't that they have to pay money to get business... Their main problem was that this "process is not transparent" in terms of: "whom should pay the money, and how much" - and more than that - "they what to pay on fiscal invoice/receipt"... This last "request" was very strange for romanian people... After this, we understand that in occident this kind of "doing business" si legal regulated, and they pay even taxes for this money...

                      So - this "so called corruption" from western countries is not a matter of morality... it is a matter of doing business... on the principle: "if you have money, you can do 'dirty things' legaly". And the people from those countries are educated, that is normal and moral. Also, in this kind of countries the corruption is at very high level, and for the contract for really big money. (not small corruption as in the est... where even for peanuts you need to pay some black money)

                      So... corruption is everywhere... Apparently... some are "good" and some are "bad"... Both systems steal money from citizens - because somebody has to pay somehow that money
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               guys, all that talk about history made me feel all nostalgic.....
                        Our ancestors were really brave and skilled warriors, but unfortunately we, the romanians today, are nothing but a bunch of cowards.
                        We are real good at talking around the corners, but when it comes to the real thing, you find yourself all alone. Sometimes i think we deserve our fate....
                        We should stand together for the well-being of the country and our own, but there are very few people who are willing to do that. At least, i see that the "elders" are more brave than the youth......
                        But enough of my sorrow.....
                        @l.carneiro54: First of all, welcome to our forum.
                        Your ancestors were also very brave warriors, it's so sad to see that the Brazilian people are also letargic regarding the government.
                        As long as we, the many, let the few(the very few) to guide us in the wrong direction, we will continue to grow even more poor every day....
                        There, i've said it, i guess you can call me another "revolutionary"


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                          @ Carneiro Can you understand what is written in Romanian language on this forum?

                          Romanian is a Latin language, like Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. (more close to Italian)

                          For example: boa noite = noapte buna

                          bon = bun
                          bondade = bunătate


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                            Ion, I understand some things in Romanian language. It's a little bit dificult, but I'm trying.
                            I toke some pictures of my car but I don't know how can I post it.
                            Viva cada instante como se fosse o último!


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                              Here is how you should do:

                              Step 1. After you have pressed the "post reply" button, you will have the "post reply menu" (photo no. 1), and, to load your photos, you have to press the circled button.

                              Step 2. After you have pressed the "gestiunea atasamentelor" button (wich in translation it means "attachment manager"), it will appear the "gestiunea atasamentelor" menu. You have to press the "browse" button and start loading pictures from your computer, one by one.

                              Step 3. After you loaded your pictures, you will have to press "incarca" button ("incarca" it means "load").

                              Step 4. After you have pressed the "incarca" button, your pictures will be appeared there (photo no. 4).

                              Step 5. Now all you have to do is to press the "trimite reply" button, wich in translation it means "post reply".

                              I hope this five steps and the pictures i put to this post will help you.
                              Good luck!
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