Logan 1 Which Suspension Have You Built In Yout Car?

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  • Logan 1 Which Suspension Have You Built In Yout Car?

    Hi, this is Tim from germany. I have a 2007 Logan 1.6 16V Prestige with 45mm H&R Springs, but this is not deep enough for me. I saw that many romanian people have a really deep Logan... but which suspension have you built in your car?
    Please help me 🙏🏻

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    I can help with the translation.

    Cetățeanul Tim din Germania are un Logan 1.6 16 V Prestige cu arcuri H&R de 45 mm. Dar le consideră prea scurte. Spune el că a observat că românii au loganuri cu arcuri mai înalte. Vă întreabă ce aveți sau cum sunt reglate?

    I think the original spring has this code:
    Dacia 6001547496 or 6001548549 front

    I know that Logans have different road clearance in Western Europe (lower) compared to those in Romania (higher).

    6001547496 spring front Logan.
    6001548549 spring front Logan.
    6001548731 spring back Logan.
    6001547493 spring back Logan.
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      Some guys have an airride suspension.


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        Maruti Swift Relatively better than most of the other hatchback Cars in Segment. The Manufacturer has been tuning up suspension and the model in 2016 looks far more compliant. Especially go in for 15 Inch Wheels wherein due to wider tyres - the hatch performs relatively better on bad patch roads Maruti Suzuki XL6. Steering is decent enough. Ride Quality in Swift with Low Turning radius makes it better than the lot


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