Knives: Ceramic Vs Steel?

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  • Knives: Ceramic Vs Steel?

    I'm in the market for some knives, and recently took a look at a relatively cheap Shenzhen ceramic knife set. Before I take the plunge, can anyone whose had any experience with ceramic knives weigh on on the pros and cons of using them over steel?

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    This is a car forum ... but anyway

    I have had 3 different ceramic knives and I can say that they are far too sensitive.
    Any lateral movement while cutting can lead to a small portion of the blade being separated.
    2 knives got destroyed in this way.
    The third one simply broke all together when my wife accidentally dropped it on a laminated floor from approximately 1.5 meters.

    In my opinion a steel set plus a sharpening station is far more cost effective and care free.
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